How much Fadogia Agrestis Should You Take Per Day?

How much Fadogia Agrestis Should You Take Per Day?

Fadogia Agrestis is a plant, primarily found in West Africa. Conventionally, the plant extract has been used in African folk medicines since ancient times. The herbal remedy has been used as an aphrodisiac to treat multiple health conditions ranging from malaria to jaundice, fever, and more.

Fadogia Agrestis Plant

Recently, the herbal supplement has gained familiarity in athletic and bodybuilding communities. It is mainly because of its effectiveness for improved athletic performance and increased testosterone levels in the body.

However, the research surrounding Fadogia Agrestis is limited at present. Due to this, most people don’t know the appropriate dosage of Fadogia Agrestis for a day.

You are at the right destination if you also want to know how much Fadogia Agrestis you should take daily. Have a look at the detailed information about this below to learn more.

So, here we go:

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What is the appropriate dosage of Fadogia Agrestis per day?

At present, there is not enough research made on the Fadogia Agrestis. Due to this determining an optimal per-day dosage is pretty hard. Still, there is some research done on certain ranges.

The appropriate per-day dosage of Fadogia Agrestis depends upon multiple factors. These factors commonly include health, age, and weight.

However, an estimated daily dosage is generally considered 100mg per kg body weight. As per the recommendation of, you can consider any of the following dosages as per the weight of your body.

The weight-based Fadogia Agrestis dosage usually includes:

  • 550 to 1,100mg for 150lb bodyweight
  • 700 to 1,450mg for 200lb bodyweight
  • 900 to 1,800mg for 250lb bodyweight

According to some users, taking about 500 mg of Fadogia Agrestis daily can also help boost testosterone levels by about 200 points.

The best consideration here is to consult your healthcare provider about the effective per day dosage of Fadogia Agrestis. Tell your healthcare specialist about your age, weight, underlying health conditions, and your purpose for taking Fadogia Agrestis. They will consequently recommend an adequate daily dosage of Fadogia Agrestis.

Side Effects Of Fadoga Agrestis Can Include Headaches
Side Effects Of Fadoga Agrestis Can Include Headaches

Any possible side effects of Fadogia Agrestis for overdosing

Generally, it is safe to take Fadogia Agrestis if taken adequately per your unique needs and body type. However, like all other supplements and medicines, overdosing on Fadogia Agrestis can cause some potential side effects.

An overdose of Fadogia Agrestis can cause various problems. These usually include:

  • Using Fadogia Agrestis at a higher than the recommended dose can lead to toxic effects on the kidneys and liver.
  • Excessive per day dosage of Fadogia Agrestis can also cause liver damage and animal spleen.
  • Fadogia Agrestis overdosage can also damage and swell the vocal cord.
  • There are also reports of high blood pressure and heart rate among people who take more than recommended per day dosage of Fadogia Agrestis.
  • In addition, Fadogia Agrestis excessive dosage can also cause headaches, allergic reactions, and gastrointestinal distress. The allergic reactions caused by Fadogia Agrestis may let you to experience irritation, itching, hives, and swelling. Worse, it can also cause anaphylaxis and trouble breathing.

To avoid all these side effects, it is always recommended to identify the optimized per day dosage of Fadogia Agrestis for you. Otherwise, you may experience a problem while using Fadogia Agrestis.

Can I take Fadogia Agrestis with Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is another effective and popular testosterone booster that’s emerging in popularity. This supplement comes from a flowering plant native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Like Fadogia Agrestis, Tongkat Ali is also a part of traditional herbal medicines for centuries. It has been used effectively to treat various health problems, including malaria and erectile dysfunction. Similar to Fadogia Agrestis, it also has the effect of increasing testosterone levels naturally.

The only thing that makes Tongkat Ali more popular is that there exists significant clinical and scientific research surrounding the effectiveness of this supplement. According to these research studies, Tongkat Ali is an undeniably effective herbal supplement for various ailments, including sexual performance, testosterone levels, improved libido, erectile dysfunction, etc.

Due to all these things, it is no surprise that people are also tempted to take Tongkat Ali with Fadogia Agrestis. However, there is no research on the effectiveness or differences between taking both supplements combinedly or separately. However, if you want to start taking Fadogia Agrestis with Tongkat Ali, starting with the low dosage can be effective.

In contrast, consulting with your healthcare provider is better than getting professional advice.

Where is the best place to buy Fadogia Agrestis?

You need to be cautious whenever it’s about to take Fadogia Agrestis. As the supplement hasn’t been regulated by the FDA and is not well researched yet, finding high-quality Fadogia Agrestis extract is harder.

You can’t trust any supplier claiming to provide potent Fadogia Agrestis extract online. Going to your most trusted source, like Fadogia Agrestis Australia, is the only best way to source Fadogia Agrestis.

Fortunately, you can find the best quality, purest, and safest Fadogia Agrestis extract here. Furthermore, the extract is meant to benefit your overall health and well-being as best as possible.

Taking Fadogia Agrestis? Follow these things before doing it

Are you up to taking Fadogia Agrestis regularly? Here are some important things that you should consider in this regard.

  1. Taking a full blood panel before starting the Fadogia Agrestis dosage is also better. This practice will help you determine where you are starting to take it.
  2. Secondly, you should always buy potent Fadogia Agrestis extract only. Don’t buy Fadogia Agrestis extracts from any unreliable source.
  3. Once you have started taking Fadogia Agrestis, it is vital to track the effectiveness of Fadogia Agrestis over time. This practice will help you determine the red flags or progress you made with the supplement occasionally. Consequently, you can make better decisions about your supplement intake accordingly.
  4. Don’t forget to consult your healthcare provider before starting Fadogia Agrestis.

Always combine Fadogia Agrestis supplement with a healthy diet and regular exercise to maximize this supplementation.

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