What’s The Ideal Dosage For Fadogia Agrestis

Medications and herbal supplements must be taken in a specific amount since the body has to get used to them. However, these amounts can vary from person to person. For instance, if a doctor recommends someone with 2 tablets a day for a certain medication, only one tablet might be enough for another person. It does not mean that they both take the same intake. The same is the case with Fadogia Agrestis; here, you will learn its ideal dosage.

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What’s the ideal dosage for Fadogia Agrestis?

The general rule is that one tablet daily will be enough for everyone. Everybody has different requirements, so the dosage of Fadogia Agrestis differs from person to person. Let’s consider the three most common average body weight values. The ideal daily dosage for those values is:

  • For a person under 150lb bodyweight, the ideal dosage ranges between 550 and 1100 mg.
  • A person under 200lb bodyweight can take the ideal dosage ranging between 700 and 1450 mg.
  • A person under 250lb bodyweight can take an ideal dosage ranging between 900 and 1800 mg.

How to find out the exact ideal dosage for your body?

There are different ways to find the ideal dosage for your body. You can take the example above and take a dosage within the given range according to the weight bracket under which you fall. Otherwise, you can take the bodybuilders’ method.

They typically take their body weight in kilograms and do 100mg per kilogram. It means that if you weigh 80 kilograms, you fall under the second bracket of under 200lb weight. The ideal dosage range will be between 700 mg and 1450 mg.

However, if you take it only to boost your testosterone levels, then the dosage does not necessarily need to meet the upper limit, and you will be good to go with the lower limit. For the best results and balanced health, staying within the 500-1000mg a day range is better.

Tips and tricks to maintain benefits for your Fadogia Agrestis dosage.

If you struggle to find the sweet spot of Fadogia Agresti’s dosage, the following tips will help you gain the maximum benefits.

1. Always start with a smaller dose and gradually increase.

It is a herbal supplement with lots of nutrients packed inside. So, you need to make your body habitual to it. The best way to do that is not by taking a high dosage from the first day. Instead, you need to start small. Anything near 250-300 mg daily for 5 days to a week will be more than enough. The body will start showing effects during this time, so you can gradually increase it to 500mg.

Doctor Staring At Camera - Prescribing Fadogia Agrestis
Always consult With a medical professional before taking Fadogia Agrestis

2. Consult a medical professional to see if it reacts with any other medications.

You cannot skip this step since it benefits your health. Consulting your medical professional will tell you how beneficial it is for your body. They will also tell you when to take it to balance the effects of any other medications. Additionally, the doctor will recommend a dosage duration.

So, ensure to follow that for the best results. If your doctor suggests you skip Fadogia Agrestis, ask them about other herbal supplements like Tongkat Ali that bring similar results.

3. Higher dosage means higher energy levels, so give your body better intake.

When you take Fadogia Agrestis, your testosterone levels will increase. It will have multiple effects, including:

  • Increased sex drive
  • Better sexual performance
  • Improved immunity
  • Better physical health
  • Higher hemoglobin levels

So, your body as a whole will become a powerhouse, and to power it, you must move towards a healthy diet. The meal you take before consuming Fadogia Agrestis is the most important one, so ensure you go after a healthy diet.

4. Maintain good physical activity in your life.

Lastly, you don’t want any side effects from consuming Fadogia Agrestis. So, improve physical activity in your life. It will increase your hunger, and your body will become stronger. Moreover, physical activity helps remove toxins and lower cholesterol levels by consuming Fadogia Agrestis. So, hit the gym or add other physical activity to your life.

What happens if you don’t take an adequate dosage of Fadogia Agrestis?

The main goal of taking Fadogia Agrestis is to increase testosterone levels in the body. These hormone levels increase according to the dosage. That’s why it is recommended to start with less dosage.

However, if you take a little dosage and stick to that, you will only feel benefits for a short time, not after the body becomes habitual. You must take it within the recommended dosage range to maximize benefits while avoiding side effects.

What can happen with overdosage, and how to prevent it?

Excess of anything is bad, and this statement is true about herbal supplements like Fadogia Agrestis. The recommended value for average individuals is under 1000mg daily, and if you take an overdose for a long time, you can cause damage to the kidneys since it has multiple nutrients in it.

It contains mercury, so excessive dosage is not recommended for thyroid issues dealing with patients and pregnant women. The best way to prevent overdose and issues due to it is by creating a routine of intake and only taking Fadogia Agrestis within the healthy dosage limits.

Can you combine Fadogia Agrestis with other herbal supplements?

Yes, it is possible to combine Fadogia Agrestis with other herbal supplements. There are 2 main things to be careful about:

  • Those two herbal supplements must not react with each other.
  • You must never cross the maximum consumption limits for either of the supplements.

Along with these precautions, you can always proceed to take both together but don’t start with two. Always start with one; if you stop getting benefits, you can add the other.

Final Verdict

Only ideas of dosage of Fadogia Agrestis with commitment and a specific routine can help you treat issues like erectile dysfunction and improve your performance. However, knowing the right dosage does not do the job for you. For higher effectiveness, you need to find reliable sources. As it is naturally found in Africa, we import authentic Fadogia Agrestis and provide our customers with top-notch herbal medication.

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